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Tourism Data Space

Digitalization in Tourism as an Opportunity for More Sustainable Tourism.

Our Mission

Digitization in tourism as an opportunity for more sustainable tourism.

At the heart of the Tourism Data Space is our mission to offer every tourism organization in Austria not merely a safe haven for data handling but also a platform for trusted and collective data sharing. Our shared ambition is to establish a focused and secure framework for data projects in Austria's distinguished tourism sector.

The Tourism Data Space fosters an environment of confident and sovereign data exchange among a wide array of stakeholders. This initiative contributes to the growth of a flourishing data economy in Europe, positioning us as trailblazers towards a data-driven, more sustainable form of tourism.

Joining the Tourism Data Space means embracing collaboration. We firmly believe that through the collective use and management of data, Austria's tourism industry can become more innovative, more efficient, and ultimately more prepared for the future.